crypto gamble decentralized gambling

crypto gamble decentralized gambling

rewards and thus help WPH. It’s a win-win situation. It’s also a pretty amusing game, and it’s often amended based on feedback. Hopefully people will enjoy it for what it is, ignoring who developed it and for what reasons. It’s a party game. Enjoy it. It’s also the only game in the ‘Store of its kind, and I put a lot of time into trying to keep it well-designed, unlike far too many non-premium titles.
Give me some feedback, I’m open to suggestions. The game has an ad-supported (supposedly, if pubCenter works) free-trial, as well as a $0.99 version with no ads if you feel like contributing to development, and owning a copy of the game for yourself. If you like me and want to do me a favor, download it and give it a 5-star. I’d appreciate it for obvious reasons 😉
You can find it here in the store, or use the QR code below. Have fun!



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