Easy Loading and Unloading With RV Motorcycle Lift

RV motorcycle lift is a simple and secure way for a person to load and transport any type of motorcycle on the back of RV. Where, original hitch on RV is not utilized at all. The additional hitches come together with all the parts necessary for installation which are included and shipped with the lift. Once it is installed, you can roll your motorcycle onto the rail and tie-down the bike and press the button to raise your bike in seconds. Unloading is also as easy as you can think.

RV motorcycle lift is made with thick, high quality carbon steel and the black powder coated finish which provides you a long lasting protection from rust. It uses maintenance-free nylon rollers even, no lubrication is required.

If you are thinking for motorcycle lift then, what are the major requirements for lift?

  • Tow Vehicle Support – Every lift must be compatible with flat towing our jeep behind the lift.
  • High Capacity –Needed at least 900lb of lift capacity for bike & bags
  • Serviceability – able to field service on the road
  • Removability – Must be able to move from one RV to another or remove completely without additional welding
  • Value –Sky is the limit with custom RV accessories.

Lifts with motorhome motorcycle carrier:

  1. Hydra lift –You can have lifts for anything from motorcycles to golf carts and ATV’s. This type of lift is powered by a hydraulic system. Hydraulic is capable of lifting heavy loads. But, these types of lifts are most expensive and coming in at around 5,000 dollars.
  • Cruiser lift –It is winch based system that is removable.  Heavy duty system mounts to a 3 points hitch that could be installed on your rig prior to use. It costs across 3000.00 dollars.
  • Overbuilt Lifts –This lift mounts to a standard 3 point hitch system. Overbuilt lift costs for approximately 3000 dollars.

Usually, you will find that motorhome motorcycle carrier is easily fixed to the back of your vehicle, like regular rear bicycle rack would do. It could fit right onto the chassis of your vehicle, as well as it is having the option, normally for large motorcycles, which is fitted with a towbar. It can act as a short trailer for both scooters and motorcycles. Motorhome motorcycle carriers are able to carry regular bicycles, not only just motorcycles.


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