Treat Sleep Apnea with Doctor’s Consultation

Sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder that occurs during sleep when a person’s breathing is interrupted. People with untreated sleep apnea problem will skip their breath sometimes hundreds of times and this means the rest of the body and brain may not get enough oxygen. Untreated sleep apnea can increase health risks that include:

• Irregular heartbeats, heart failure and heart attacks
• Stroke
• High Blood pressure
• Depression
• Diabetes
• Headaches
• Worsening of ADHD

It can also be responsible for poor performance of everyday activities such as school and work, vehicle crashes and academic underachievement in children and adolescents.

Types of Sleep apnea:

o Obstructive sleep apnea
o Central sleep apnea
o Complex sleep apnea syndrome

If you are going through the sleep apnea syndrome, than most of the doctors will recommend CPAP machines to use while sleeping. The CPAP, stands for Continuous positive airway pressure, are smaller, quieter and much less noticeable. Most of the CPAP masks are adjustable to make you comfortable by adjusting according to your face.

Three types of CPAP machines are available that includes-

• A nasal CPAP mask that cover your nose
• A nasal pillow CPAP mask that can be fitted under your nose
• A full CPAP mask that covers both your mouth and nose

There are two main kinds among those three types of machines-

• Full face CPAP mask that go over your eyes as well with mouth and nose
• Nose CPAP masks with prongs that go under your nose

When you breathe, CPAP machines increases air pressure in your throat from prevent collapsing your airway. It also helps in decreasing snoring which will help your partner to take better sleep. The CPAP machine has a filter and a small tank of water that works as a humidifier. A tube connects the unit to your mask that is placed over your face while sleeping and a chin strap keeps it in place.

The dealers and manufacturers provide discounts and warranty on most of the machines that you can opt. Many online sites offer sleep apnea breathing machines for sale with best prices. You can choose any breathing machine that can be best suitable for you according to your face cut.

There is an automatic version of CPAP, which is Auto CPAP, which allows air pressure to be adjustable and controllable. You can also purchase a package that contains machine, mask and extended Australian warranty. You can search online for Sleep Apnea Equipment for Sale, and you will find different websites who offers breathing machines with best prices. You should treat your sleep apnea problem with the doctor’s consultation and prevent it as it could lead to many health problems.



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